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Boiler induced draft fan

  •  Y7-45 Boiler induced draft fan
 Y7-45 Boiler induced draft fan

Y7-45 Boiler induced draft fan

  • Y7-45 fan
  • Fan of y7-45 boiler
  • Y7-45 fan
  • Y7-45
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Y7-45 series fan uses "flow principle" three yuan, changed the traditional structure of impeller, and compared with similar products, has a more superior performance and features. Fans of the series of successful trial by the experts, professors and the majority of users praise.

Use a fan

Fans of the series can be fueled with various coal or with the smoke and dust removing device of industrial water, waste heat boiler is out of supporting the use of warm but also for the reconstruction of old kilns, boilers, and other conditions, appropriate performance, intake and intake temperature appropriate performance does not exceed 250 degrees.

Two, the characteristics of wind turbine

This series fan with high pressure, large flow, high efficiency, low noise, high efficiency and flat performance curve, range wide, strong adaptability and so on. This series of wind turbine impeller has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable design, safe and reliable transmission, because of economic considerations using C belt drive, the casing adopts inner welding, and neat appearance, the air inlet and the transmission group can cross series ventilation, the use of different speed according to the actual situation, and then get the air with the pressure of ideal.

Three, fan type

Fans of the series mechanism into single suction, machine number: No. 4, No. 4.5, No. 5, No. 5.6, No. 6.3, No. 8 and No. 10 seven. According to the direction of rotation of the impeller, can be made of the "left" and "right" spin rotation in two, namely: the fan motor from the end face, such as impeller clockwise, as the "right" spin, usually do not say. On the other hand, as the "left" spin, with "left" said.

The fan outlet position in fan outlet angle, "left" and "right" can be made of 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees from three angles.

Part four, fan and features

This series fan comprises an impeller, casing, air inlet, damper, transmission group etc..

1, impeller:

The impeller of the fan is inclined to blade, is divided into 9 groups, each group was composed of a blade, the material is 16Mn, the shape of twisted shape surface, arc welding in the wheel cover and a flat disk, and the static and dynamic balance correction, so fans of the series have strength and smooth operation high wear resistance, long service life.

2, shell:

The volute casing is welded with steel plate, good aerodynamic performance of the volute in line, fans of the series No. 8, No. 10 in the back part of the casing is provided with a big hole, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

3, air inlet:

The overall structure of the air inlet into convergent streamline fans of the series, and the motor shell fixed with bolts.

4, adjust the door:

Axial inlets installed in the front, is used to regulate the flow of fan size. Adjustable range from full open to full closed. Adjust the door to move from the air inlet in the right direction. In order to regulate the use of the door the normal work, the high temperature molybdenum disulfide grease.

5, transmission group:

The transmission unit is composed of a main shaft, bearing seat, fans of the series are used in rolling bearing. In the cooling mode on the No. 4, No. 6.3, No. 8 air-cooled, water-cooled (No. 10 unit at 0 DEG C when cooled to). In the transmission way of No. 5, No. 5.6 and No. 6.3 fan with the entire drive. The bearing box is equipped with a level indicator, the lubricating oil for 30 oil, the rest of the grease.

Selection and application of five, the performance of the fan

The performance of the fan on the fan characteristic curve (Figure 1) and the dimensionless performance table (Table 1) selection.

Table 1 dimensionless point characteristics

Working reference point










Zero point zero seven five

Zero point zero nine five

Zero point one two one

Zero point one four four

Zero point one six seven

Zero point one nine zero

Zero point two one three

Zero point two three six


Zero point six six nine

Zero point six seven six

Zero point six eight zero

Zero point six seven eight

Zero point six seven eight

Zero point six seven four

Zero point six five six

Zero point six one three


Zero point zero six seven six

Zero point zero eight five four

Zero point one zero four two

Zero point one two one six

Zero point one three eight four

Zero point one five eight one

Zero point one seven three one

Zero point one nine one eight


Zero point seven four two

Zero point seven seven six

Zero point seven nine zero

Zero point eight zero three

Zero point eight one eight

Zero point eight one zero

Zero point eight zero seven

Zero point seven five four

A noise B

Seventeen point five

Eighteen point two

Seventeen point five

Sixteen point one

Fifteen point three

Eighteen point two

Twenty point four

Twenty-one point nine



The dimensionless performance curve formula is converted into dimensionless parameters:

Total pressure: P = (Pa)

Flow rate: Q = (m3/h)

Type: D2 outer diameter of impeller blades (m).

U2 - impeller blade speed (m/s).

P - gas density (kg/m3)

1, the use of units according to the flow rate and the pressure in the performance table to determine the specific performance of the motor and machine, the selected fan must be selected from the performance and selection of a table, can also use other types of motor speed, but the power to adapt to, and specify when ordering.

The performance of every 2 revolutions, performance and selection of parts in the table is the highest performance efficiency in the range of 82% according to the flow divided into eight performance, when ordering performance lists.

Qualified fan 3, the factory is in the rated flow total pressure value does not exceed 5%.


5, the wind machine condition and the given conditions do not meet the performance should be converted according to the following formula:

Total pressure: P1 = P2 (Pa)

Flow rate: Q1 = Q2 (m3/h)

轴功率:N1=N2 (KW)

Type: P2, Q2, N2 listed in the table refers to the performance of the total pressure, flow and shaft power.


6, in the performance table: N = power required

Type: Q, P and 77 respectively fan flow, total pressure and efficiency.


In 7, air conditions are the same, the air flow rate (Q), total pressure (P), power (N) and speed (n) have the following relationship:

Can be seen from the above equation, the motor capacity is constant, should not be a fan for cold open operation or any increase in speed, otherwise the motor had burned the dangerous load.

8, too much traffic or inadequate:

When in use, the flow is too large or too small phenomenon often occurs, many of the reasons for this phenomenon. As happened in the process of using big phenomenon, mainly due to pipe resistance when small, such as when in use, after a long time gradually reduced, or a sudden decrease in a short period of time, mainly due to network congestion or flow fan.

In the fan after the installation of formal operation generated when the flow rate is too large or insufficient phenomenon, this phenomenon is mainly due to the following:

(1) the actual pipe resistance value and calculated value is too large. The general network characteristic equation: P = Q2, type in resistance coefficient, such as the actual value is less than the calculated value, then the flow increases, on the other hand, while the flow rate decreases. Figure 2 right.

(2) when used without considering the effect of fan total pressure deviation itself, when the actual fan full pressure is positive deviation, then the flow increases, negative deviation, then the flow reduction. Figure 2 left.

Such as the occurrence of flow is too large or too small in the use process, the degree of opening and closing the door to adjust the flow regulation. When the control valve is fully opened, traffic is still inadequate, can be used to eliminate one of the following methods.

1, the change of network, the pipe resistance coefficient was reduced.

2, improve the fan speed, but not the maximum speed is greater than the number of machine performance table.

Fan 3, a new high pressure switch.

The installation and use of the fan

1, before the installation with the wind turbine components to conduct a comprehensive inspection work is complete, the direction of rotation of the impeller and the casing are the same, the connection is tight, impeller, spindle, bearings and other major parts have no injury, whether the flexible transmission group. If found, should immediately repair the adjustment.

2, installation, check the chassis, the shell should not fall and legacy tools or sundries. In some joints, in order to prevent rust, easy to remove, should be coated with some grease or oil, fan and foundation joints. The inlet and outlet pipeline joints should be adjusted to make the natural anastomosis, can not be forcibly connected, more will be allowed to add the weight of pipes to the wind turbine components, and attention to ensure that the level of position fan.

Y7-45 boiler centrifugal draught fan performance parameters

Machine number (No)

Power (KW)

Speed (r/min)

Flow (m /h)

The total pressure (PA)



Two thousand and nine hundred



Five point five

Three thousand and three hundred




Seven point five

Two thousand and nine hundred





Two thousand and six hundred





Two thousand three hundred and fifty



Eighteen point five

Two thousand and six hundred





Two thousand and one hundred




Two thousand and three hundred





One thousand and seven hundred





One thousand and three hundred