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Mining fan

  • K45 mining fan - copy
K45 mining fan - copy

K45 mining fan - copy

  • K45 Mine fan
  • Main fan of K45 mine
  • Axial flow fan for K45 mine
  • Product description: This page details the technical parameters, product performance, dimension diagram, parameters, price, air volume, wind pressure, motor power of K45 mine fan.

  K40 Mining fan is the most commonly used non-coal mine main ventilator, also known as k40 main fan fan, air volume 2.0-164.2m3/s, wind pressure 35-1563pa, power 1.1-250kw, the whole machine includes collector, host (including motor), diffuser, electronic control cabinet, installation accessories

  The main fan of the fan series of K45 mine adopts the simplest transmission structure of the motor and the impeller, which is composed of the collector, the main body and the diffuser and other components. Using a new type of high efficiency wing twisted blades, the mounting angle is adjustable, and the stable flow ring device is provided to make the aerodynamic performance curve without hump, and the base can be fitted with axial moving wheels. Therefore, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, wide efficiency zone, stable performance, simple structure, easy installation and convenient use. DK40, DK45 series main fan using the same model, the same power of 2 K40, K45 type fan docking together, two-stage impeller mutual rotation, constitute the spin structure.
Compared with the long axle drive type main fan, they have the advantages of high operating efficiency, low Operation Bureau, saving civil investment and so on, and have remarkable energy-saving effect.