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Boiler induced draft fan

  •  Y6-41 Boiler induced draft fan
 Y6-41 Boiler induced draft fan

Y6-41 Boiler induced draft fan

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  • Y4-68 Boiler lead Fan
  • y4-68 lead Fan
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  • Product description: This page gives you a detailed introduction to the y6-41 boiler fan, g6-41 boiler blower performance parameters and specifications model

  y6-41 boiler fan, g6-41 boiler blower suitable for 0.5 tons to 10 tons of coal-fired boiler blast wind, blower power 0.55kw-18.5kw, air Volume: 403-18137m3/h, Fan Power 1.5kw-55kw, air Volume: 841-41773m3/h

1. The use of wind turbines
  G, y6-41 type boiler centrifugal drum, fan, is designed to adapt to the combustion of a variety of coal quality and equipped with the elimination of sensationalized device industrial boiler and the design of the highest total pressure efficiency of more than 80% of the new series of low-noise boiler drum, fan, where the gas intake conditions are comparable, the performance is suitable for those can be selected.
2.  Features of the fan

  G, y6-41 series centrifugal fan, is the boiler drum, fan replacement products. G, Y6-41 series Fan Design method: Choose the appropriate wind model type, reasonable wind working condition parameters, preferably flow type, reasonable organization gas source, carefully designed leaf type, increase gale tongue clearance, appropriate reduction of fan speed, improve worm shell design, purification to flow and minimize two flow loss and other design principles, Combined with the finite difference method numerical calculation machine inlet and impeller wheel cover line, and taking the uniformity of the flow field at the inlet of the fan impeller as the optimization criterion, the optimal design of the air inlet is carried out. The above method is combined with the original optimization design method of fan impeller and worm shell, which is integrated into the optimization design program of impeller, worm shell and air inlet, the lower ratio noise level and the smaller fan size.

  G, Y6-41 series fan by the Shenyang Blower Research Institute test, achieved good results, the test data cited as follows:
 Fan: y6-41-11№7.1c with 4 tons/time coal-fired boiler:
Operating temperature: 200 ℃; RPM 2100 rpm Design operating Parameters: Flow: 12500.3-meter/time; Full pressure: 2596 PA