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Centrifugal fan

  • 8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan
  • 8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan
  • 8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan
8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan

8-09、9-12 high pressure centrifugal fan

  • 8-09 Fans
  • 9-12 High Pressure fan
  • 9-12 High Pressure centrifugal ventilator
  • 8-09 High pressure lead fan
  • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed description of 8-09, 9-12 high-pressure centrifugal fan performance parameters, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, as well as specific specificati

8-09, 9-12 centrifugal fan is a typical high-pressure small flow fan, wind pressure 10523-21719 Pascal, Power 7.5-90kw, air volume 619-11411 cubic meters/hour, mainly used for forging furnace blast and other forced air supply, can also be used for tunnel palm surface Air Supply 8-09, 9-12 type high-pressure centrifugal fan in the high pressure small flow range has high efficiency, low noise, flat performance curve, high efficiency zone, safe operation of a large flow range characteristics, improve the operating characteristics of the fan, small structure size. R is a special fan of cupola, suitable for 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 t/h melting rate of cupola. Under the premise of ensuring cupola rate and iron quality, it has obvious energy-saving effect compared with roots fan, reduces noise, facilitates equipment installation, reduces equipment cost, and facilitates maintenance. 8-09, 9-12 type fan In addition to as a dedicated blower for cupola, but also as a variety of furnaces, forging furnace fans, but also applicable to the transport of air and non-corrosive, unnatural, non-viscous objects of the gas, can also be used for material transportation.The maximum medium temperature is 80°C.

Type 8-09 fan has 7.1D, 8D, 9D three machine number, 9-12 type fan has 8 D, 9D Two machine number, are single inhalation, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, D-type transmission, overall structure, compared with other types of fans, fans except impeller, chassis, air inlet, transmission Group, There are also seals and integral bases to prevent internal leaks. The overall base allows the fan to assemble into a whole, the user can be used according to the use of foot bolts to secure the chassis on the ground, but also under the chassis device elastic shock absorber, directly placed on the ordinary cement floor, do not need to do the foundation for fans and motors.