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Centrifugal fan

  • 9-11 high pressure centrifugal fan
9-11 high pressure centrifugal fan

9-11 high pressure centrifugal fan

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  • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed description of the performance parameters of 9-19 high-pressure centrifugal fan, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, and specific specifications, i

  9-11 high-pressure centrifugal fan is a constant pressure centrifugal fan, motor power from 5.5kw to 55kw, according to the melting rate of the furnace, there are five kinds of specifications, the highest wind pressure 20000 pa, air volume 5040 cubic/h, transmission mode has two types of motor direct coupling and coupling transmission

1.  9-11 scope of application of high pressure centrifugal fan

  The fan is mainly suitable for ventilation in the smelting process of 0.5-5t/h cupola, but also suitable for material transportation, building materials, metallurgy and other high-pressure air supply field, its conveying medium temperature generally does not exceed 50 degrees, up to 80 degrees, the fan energy-saving effect is significant, small size, low noise.

2,. the dimensions and technical parameters of 9-11 high pressure centrifugal fan